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Cemetery Arrangements

We offer a wide selection of Traditional, Cremation, and Mausoleum burial options on our serene grounds. Members of our experienced staff are at your service to answer any questions you have and simplify the process. Whether you’re pre-planning for the future or need help with something today, we are here to serve you with grace and dignity to provide peace of mind for your family.

Personalized Memorial Options

Every life is unique, and every memorial should be too. We offer a variety of custom memorials for gravesites and cremation placement to honor your loved one in a way that reflects their individuality.

Peaceful and Pristine Grounds

Our beautifully maintained grounds provide a serene and dignified setting for visitors to remember and honor their loved ones. Experience the tranquility and beauty of our cemetery, which is carefully tended all year round to offer a comforting space for reflection and remembrance.

Our Location

A place of healing

We welcome you to explore Glenwood / Shelby Hills Cemetery & Cremation Gardens, and invite you to discover a comforting and peaceful place to honor your loved one.


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Plan Ahead

Plan for the future, today

Pre-planning your cemetery arrangements allows your loved ones to focus on honoring your memory rather than managing details. Discover the traditional and cremation choices available for selecting a peaceful final resting place, making the remembrance more a celebration of life than a burden.